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Wearing protective masks has become a new norm amid the coronavirus crisis, and a lot of fashion designers around the world have stepped up to make masks to help out during the shortage. We have seen international labels like Gucci and Louis Vuitton making coming out with designer masks.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee, one of the top Indian designers, isn’t averse to the idea of making masks, but is against putting a designer label on it. Asked if face masks will become a new fashion statement, the designer told India Today, “I hope not. Because we are talking about a health crisis and I hope we don’t put privilege on things that are essential for health.”

He said that making designer face masks is an obnoxious and offensive thing to do. “I think it is really obnoxious and it is really offensive to do designer face masks. If I have to use my factory to be able to manufacture face masks, which is just a simple mask and where I am only a vendor, I am happy to do that. I will never put my label on a face mask. Ever.”

E-commerce sites are full of designer mask advertisements. With luxury brands making masks, the designer mask market is likely to see a rapid growth. As per a report in The Guardian, the accumulative mask market is seeing as much as USD 60 pricing for a designer face cover.